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Every Child Is Unique. So Should The School Be

The Greenvalley Kriyaalaya International School is a progressive school for children that creates world-class leaders and innovators through personalized learning.

Curriculum At The Core…

Greenvalley Kriyaalaya’s learning spaces, curriculum, technology, and organizational structure are designed specially to support our vision of personalized learning plans for every child. We have centered our curriculum around three stages of learning — iPlay, iDiscover & iLead — each focussing on a particular skill set.

Programs Offered

  • iPlay


    Pre Kg – Grade 2

    iPlay is a child-centric, research-backed neuroscience program focusing on children’s brain development, social and emotional development, and language ability. This complete program is play-based and provides an excellent academic foundation.

  • iDiscover


    Grade 3 – Grade 7

    iDiscover is a child-centric, project-based, skill-focused academic program primarily designed to discover a child’s passion through projects and academics. Children do 30 to 40 authentic, real-world projects from various fields, along with the Cambridge syllabus.

  • iLead


    Grade 8 – Grade 12

    iLead is a child-centric, career-focused program primarily designed to prepare the child to join world-class universities and colleges for his chosen field. Children do real-world internships in their chosen field and prepare for their college and entrance exams.

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    Why Greenvalley Kriyaalaya ?

    At Greenvalley Kriyaalaya, we believe that each child is unique and learns in a different way. 

    Flexible Learning Spaces

    The School is built for personalised learning and the spaces support 20 different learning modalities such as peer tutoring, one to one learning, project-based learning, technology based learning and independent study.

    No Lecturing Only Learning

    The flexible learning spaces are designed for individualised, community-based, experiential and collaborative learning and are split into different age groups, unlike the traditional school architecture, designed for lecturing.


    At Greenvalley, we believe that each child is unique and learns in a different way. Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) is a child-centric academic program designed by experienced educators, child psychologists and School leaders. We do it through Personalised Learning Plans (PLP) which aims at understanding the child, setting goals and tracking their progress through observations and assessments.

    Project Based Learning

    Greenvalley is India’s first school to make Project-based learning as the way of teaching and learning since 2013. 

    Project based learning (PBL), in which learners learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. The projects and activities which require perseverance, craftsmanship, imagination, critical thinking and creative thinking skills. Undertaking such projects helps the child in gaining self confidence, increases their risk taking ability, helps them do their work independently and analyse the problems deeply.


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